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James Wooten

Mission: Save a landmark Riverhead church from imminent collapse

The only thing that's kept the 106-year-old historic church from collapsing under the weight of a roof whose cracked support structures can no longer bear its weight is prayer, says contractor Richard Cox of Calverton, whose crews raced against time to shore up the sagging roof and prevent a load-bearing wall from falling down.

Angry words and accusations: Walter, Wooten challenge party leadership, launch GOP primary battle

The 2015 elections officially get underway today — the day under state election rules candidates can begin circulating party designating petitions required to get...

Former town board coordinator’s million-dollar suit against town is dismissed by state court

Former town employee's lawsuit claiming wrongful termination, breach of contract and other charges is dismissed by state Supreme Court judge.

Town board still can’t agree on new rules aimed at flyboard operation; public hearing postponed again

New waterways regulations aimed at moving the activity of Flyboard Long Island out of a downtown Riverhead cove stalled again yesterday when a majority of the town board voted to table a resolution scheduling a public hearing on the measure.