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James Wooten

Town board votes on party lines to reappoint town attorney and planning, zoning board members

Despite not objecting yesterday to the new supervisor's proposal to advertise for all vacancies on boards and committees, the Republican majority today moved to reappoint the town attorney and current members of the planning and zoning boards.

Riverhead councilman to be inducted as grand marshal of fourth annual Jamesport St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Councilman James Wooten will be inducted next weekend as the grand marshal of the Jamesport St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

Town cancels cardboard boat race for 2016 — angry event organizer reacts

Town officials say the organizers' 'hectic schedules' made picking new date impossible, but ex-councilman George Gabrielsen whose family powered the event since its founding six years ago, tells a different story.

Riverhead Town’s annual spring clean up day postponed due to inclement weather

The cleanup day has been rescheduled to June 4, from 9 to 11 a.m., Councilman James Wooten announced last night.

Volunteers wanted to pick up litter on Riverhead’s Spring Cleanup Day May 7

What are you doing Saturday morning? Riverhead Town wants you. Spend a few hours picking up litter and making Riverhead cleaner. Join the annual Litter Awareness and Spring Cleanup Day on Saturday, May 7.

Photos: Riverhead’s holiday bonfire

Christmas carols, Santa Claus, a giant bonfire, fireworks and record-setting warm temperatures provided a great time for holiday revelers on the Peconic Riverfront in downtown Riverhead last night.

James Wooten, town council candidate:11-day pre-general report

Riverhead Town elections: 11-day pre-general campaign finance disclosure report from James Wooten, town council candidate.

As historic downtown church nears collapse, congregation seeks donations

“We basically avoided a complete [roof] failure by just a day,” said Ron Blake, the church’s chairman of building and grounds. “We would have lost the whole building."

Ethics code amendment to ban elected officials from party leadership posts will have public hearing July 7

After two years of intermittent squabbling over the issue, the Riverhead Town Board voted unanimously to hold a public hearing on a proposed ethics...

Mission: Save a landmark Riverhead church from imminent collapse

The only thing that's kept the 106-year-old historic church from collapsing under the weight of a roof whose cracked support structures can no longer bear its weight is prayer, says contractor Richard Cox of Calverton, whose crews raced against time to shore up the sagging roof and prevent a load-bearing wall from falling down.
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