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Applications for first recreational marijuana dispensary licenses now being accepted; Long Island set to receive 20 licenses

by Aug 26, 2022
The state is now accepting applications for adult-use dispensary licenses. Twenty will be issued for locations on Long Island. Riverhead is one of four L.I. towns that chose not to opt-out of marijuana sales. A local code to regulate dispensaries and lounges is still in the works.

Town Board bans marijuana use at town parks and buildings, extends smoking bans to town-approved events

by Jun 9, 2022
The town board on June 7 banned smoking and vaping marijuana at and near town parks, beaches playgrounds and other facilities, where tobacco use is already prohibited. It also extended a ban on smoking to all town-approved events.

Columbia Care, cannabis firm with operations in Riverhead, being acquired in $2 billion deal

by Apr 6, 2022
Cannabis giant Cresco Labs has announced it will acquire Columbia Care, the company that operates a medical marijuana dispensary and cultivation facility in Riverhead, in a $2 billion deal. 

Marijuana advisory group finalizes recommendations for locations of marijuana businesses in Riverhead

by Mar 31, 2022
Riverhead Town’s marijuana advisory committee will recommend to the town board that marijuana businesses be integrated into current zoning districts and kept away from certain land uses, including schools, libraries, places of worship, parks and beaches, with 500-foot to 1,000-foot setbacks.

Next marijuana forum, set for Tuesday, aims to finalize proposed restrictions on retail locations

by Mar 26, 2022
Riverhead Town's third marijuana advisory committee forum, set for Tuesday evening at Town Hall, will aim to finalize recommendations on “time, place and manner” restrictions for adult-use dispensaries and on-site consumption lounges.  

People convicted of marijuana-related offenses or their relatives to get first shot at retail licenses, under proposed regulations

by Mar 19, 2022
People affected by old laws that criminalized marijuana will be the first to open adult-use cannabis retail businesses under new regulations proposed by the New York State Office of Cannabis Management’s Cannabis Control Board.

Marijuana forum comes to a consensus on time restrictions

by Feb 4, 2022
Participants in Riverhead Town’s Marijuana Advisory Forum came to a consensus on the time restrictions for marijuana retail stores and lounges during its meeting Wednesday night.

Talking weed: State sets series of virtual ‘conversations’ & Riverhead marijuana committee will meet Feb. 2

by Jan 26, 2022
The State Cannabis Control Board will hold a series of virtual community outreach meetings over the next month, and Riverhead will hold its second marijuana committee meeting next week.

Getting ready for legal weed in Riverhead: Advisory committee considers restrictions

by Dec 10, 2021
An advisory committee formed to help the town board implement the state law legalizing recreational marijuana sales met Tuesday night to discuss possible restrictions on where retail shops and cafes could be located and how they can operate.

Riverhead’s initial marijuana advisory meeting set for Tuesday evening at Town Hall

by Dec 6, 2021
meeting will be focused on identifying locations where the town wants marijuana businesses prohibited, including near schools, churches, parks and town facilities, according to Councilman Ken Rothwell, who Supervisor Yvette Aguiar named to lead the advisory committee.