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Riverhead to create advisory committee for town marijuana policy

by Aug 14, 2021
The proposed advisory committee will help the town craft policy on where retail marijuana dispensaries and cafés can be located and their hours of operation.

CAP Youth Coalition urges town board to focus marijuana efforts on youth prevention

by Jul 23, 2021
Riverhead Town looks to Riverhead CAP Youth Coalition for assistance to help prevent marijuana use by the community's youth.

Riverhead’s proposed retail marijuana sales ban goes up in smoke

by Jul 7, 2021
A local law that would have banned retail marijuana sales and use in the Town of Riverhead failed to gain support of a majority of the Riverhead Town Board today.

Riverhead’s proposed marijuana shop ban lacks town board majority support

by Jul 1, 2021
A majority of the Riverhead Town Board said they will vote against the proposed ban on marijuana dispensaries and lounges.

Should Riverhead opt out of retail pot sales? Residents weigh in at public hearing

by Jun 16, 2021
Residents spoke out on both sides of the issue at a public hearing on a proposed local law to opt out of legal marijuana sales in the Town of Riverhead.

June 15 public hearing set on local law to ban retail marijuana shops & cafés in Riverhead

by Jun 4, 2021
The proposed local law would prohibit the retail sale of marijuana and the operation of marijuana cafés in Riverhead.

Riverhead Town Board to set hearing on proposed law to opt-out of retail marijuana sales

by May 28, 2021
The town board will vote on Wednesday on a resolution scheduling a June 15 hearing on a proposed...

Riverhead survey shows support for retail marijuana dispensaries and lounges

by May 21, 2021
Riverhead Town's online survey about marijuana retail sales and lounges had 1,408 people respond, according to the published results. Here's what people said.

Large marijuana grower makes $42.5 million investment in Riverhead farm

by May 5, 2021
Columbia Care, one of the country's largest marijuana growers and operators of medical marijuana dispensaries, has purchased a 34-acre farm and greenhouse facility in Riverhead for $42.5 million.

Marijuana opt-out discussion continues in Riverhead

by Apr 30, 2021
The Riverhead Community Awareness Program is not recommending that Riverhead Town opt-out of allowing retail marijuana sales and on-premises consumption. CAP representatives didn’t make a recommendation either way on the opt-out question when they met with the town board yesterday. Instead, they outlined steps the town should take to prevent and reduce youth access to marijuana — as well as alcohol and tobacco.