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Riverhead launches online survey on retail sales of non-medical marijuana

by Apr 24, 2021
Riverhead town is conducting an online survey seeking input from residents and business owners on whether Riverhead should opt-out of retail sales of marijuana and if sales are allowed, whether the town should place any restrictions on the sales. The survey consists of eight questions. Here they are.

Should Riverhead allow retail sales of marijuana?

by Apr 17, 2021
The new state law legalizing recreational marijuana in New York allows towns and villages to opt out of retail sales within their borders. If a local municipality opts out, it loses the opportunity to collect a 3% sales tax on the products sold within its jurisdiction. If the board adopts an opt-out law, it will be subject to a referendum by petition in the November election.

State lawmakers pass marijuana legislation

by Mar 31, 2021
The bill legalizing adult recreational use and possession of marijuana passed both chambers of the legislature by wide margins last night, largely along party lines.

Lawmakers, governor announce agreement on legislation to legalize recreational marijuana. Here are the bill’s key features.

by Mar 28, 2021
Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced a deal with state legislative leaders on sweeping legislation to legalize recreational marijuana in New York for adults over age 21. Here are the details.

Governor signs marijuana decriminalization bill

by Jul 29, 2019
The new law makes possession of less than two ounces of marijuana a violation punishable by a fine of not more than $200. It also provides a means for expunging prior convictions.

Bills that made it to the finish line in the frenzied last days of state legislative session

by Jun 24, 2019
Here are 15 bills of interest passed by both chambers during the frenzied closing days of the state legislative session in Albany.

Local residents to legislators: Can the ban. Proposal to block legal marijuana sales in Suffolk draws opposition

by Mar 7, 2019
Local residents who spoke at a hearing on a bill to ban the retail sale of marijuana in Suffolk County overwhelmingly opposed the ban.

Suffolk bill to opt out of legalizing recreational marijuana sales is set for hearing Tuesday in Riverhead

by Feb 28, 2019
A bill that would have Suffolk County opt out of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s plan to legalize recreational marijuana is set for a public hearing before the county legislature Tuesday at 2 p.m. in Riverhead.

Suffolk legislators will convene public hearing on pending state proposal to legalize marijuana in New York

by Jan 31, 2019
With the State Legislature poised to enact bills legalizing recreational marijuana in New York, Suffolk lawmakers are convening a public hearing Feb. 25 to gain input on the potential impacts of the state legislation.

Medical marijuana dispensary should be blocked on Route 58 until impacts are studied, town board members say

by Aug 19, 2015
“I don’t have a problem with medical marijuana,” said Councilwoman Jodi Giglio. “I have a problem with not knowing the impact on the Riverhead community."