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Mental health

Zeldin calls for peer-to-peer counseling program to aid troubled veterans nationwide

Rep. Lee Zeldin today called for passage of a bill he sponsored in March to nationalize the New York State veteran peer-to-peer program, which grew out of a pilot program Zeldin spearheaded while a state senator in 2012.

Riverhead CAP wins five year grant for mental health awareness training program

The Riverhead Community Awareness Program has been awarded a five-year federal grant to instruct community organizations on how to identify, understand and respond to child and adult mental health and substance abuse issues.

RISE Life Services opens new outpatient mental health clinic on East Main Street

The Elevations Clinic Treatment Program will provide medical services, including medication prescriptions and management, antipsychotic injectables, smoking cessation treatment and mental health monitoring, and therapeutic services, including psychotherapy, psychoeducation, and an early intervention program for those with and at risk of developing substance use disorders.

State budget cuts jeopardize youth mental health services on North Fork, even as COVID-19 pandemic increases need

Youth mental health services are needed now more than ever, say state legislators who are pushing to re-establish funding for the North Fork Mental Health Coalition, which was cut from the state budget in 2020. S

LaValle: Funding to establish North Fork coalition for youth mental health services included in state budget

Funding of $175,000 for a newly established coalition will ensure that a plan is in place to immediately support young people in a time of crisis, and build a local support network equipped to deliver immediate, affordable follow up services, Sen. Ken LaValle said.