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Offshore drilling

Bill to ban oil and gas drilling in New York’s coastal areas passes State Legislature

by Feb 5, 2019
The measure would prohibit the use of state-owned underwater coastal lands for oil and natural gas drilling and would prevent the Department of Environmental Conservation and the Office of General Services from authorizing leases that would increase oil or natural gas production from federal waters.

Riverhead Town officials consider formal opposition to offshore drilling plan

by Sep 4, 2018
Environmental advocates are urging local officials to register their opposition to a Trump administration plan to open more than 90 percent of the outer continental shelf to oil and gas exploration and drilling.

Cuomo: ‘No how, no way’ New York State will allow offshore drilling

by May 6, 2018
N.Y. Gov. Andrew Cuomo has introduced a bill aimed at blocking the federal government’s plan to open coastal waters to drilling for oil and gas, pledging to go to court and even commission a citizen fleet, if necessary, to stop the move.

Residents speak out against offshore drilling plan at marathon state hearing

by Feb 14, 2018
Dozens of speakers blasted a federal plan to allow offshore exploration and drilling for oil and gas during a hearing today in Hauppauge.

So far, plea to move Feb. 15 hearing on offshore drilling plan to Long Island falls on deaf ears in Washington

by Feb 8, 2018
A Feb. 15 hearing on the federal offshore drilling plan is set for Albany, hundreds of miles away from the region most affected by the plan.

We must fight to ban off-shore drilling

by Feb 1, 2018
To the Editor: As presiding officer of the Suffolk County Legislature, I am deeply concerned regarding the Department of Interior’s Draft Proposed Plan to permit...

State Assembly sets L.I. public hearing on feds’ offshore drilling plan

by Jan 31, 2018
State lawmakers will hold a public hearing on Long Island Feb. 14 on the federal government’s plan to allow offshore natural gas and oil exploration in waters off the coast of New York. The federal government's public hearing is set for the following day — in Albany.

Don’t drill for oil and gas off Long Island coast: Zeldin, local officials, environmental and business leaders protest fed plan

by Jan 26, 2018
The recent proposal by the Department of Interior would have negative consequences on the Long Island environment, the Long Island economy and our way of life,” Rep. Lee Zeldin said today in Riverhead.