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Roanoke Avenue Elementary School

Roanoke students send veterans their love for Valentine’s Day

SSgt. Christopher Clay of the 106th Rescue Wing, an Air Force veteran who served in the Middle East, visited with the student council at Roanoke Avenue Elementary School Monday and received a box of Valentines made by students for veterans.

Riverhead students step up to the Great Kindness Challenge

Students created cards for seniors at the Flanders Senior Center and collected “kind coins” as part of a fundraiser to build a school in Mexico, along with many other random acts of kindness during the Great Kindness Challenge this week.

Roanoke Rockin’ Run ends with a blast of color

Students, teachers, staff and parents got together for the second annual Roanoke Rockin' Run this morning.

Riverhead Peacemakers Club earns national award

Students in the Riverhead Central School District Peacemakers Club received a “United for Kindness” award from PACER's National Bullying Prevention Center May 22.

Roanoke Avenue Elementary students take part in a Poetry Jam

Second-grade students at Roanoke Avenue Elementary School put on a poetry jam for family and friends May 17.

Elementary school students design Valentines for veterans

Roanoke Avenue Elementary students designed more than 500 Valentine's Day cards for veterans of the 106th Rescue Wing in Westhampton Beach.

At Roanoke Avenue Elementary, lessons wrapped in hearts, stickers and doilies

It's not always easy to get elementary students to do writing assignments but when you wrap them up in fun, you can add in lifelong lessons on kindness, acceptance and compassion, too. That's what happened Thursday morning in Roanoke Avenue school's cafeteria.

Roanoke students get a real life Veteran’s Day lesson

Local veterans visited third-grade students at Roanoke Avenue School to give them some firsthand lessons about being in the military.

A ‘Rockin’ Run’ for downtown Riverhead elementary school kids

With music, laughter and a burst of multi-color madness at the end, Roanoke Avenue Elementary School held its first Roanoke Rockin’ Run last Saturday at the downtown elementary school.

Roanoke Elementary students’ revenge: Pie in your face, Mr. Payton!

As the auditorium filled with jubilant chants of “Pie! Pie! Pie!” Roanoke Avenue Elementary School principal Thomas Payton took his seat center stage to take his lumps for "losing" his annual Reading Week challenge.
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