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Runway use agreement

Drag race promoter says town permit allows 4,000 people per event, but runway agreement limits attendance to 1,100

Some town board members expressed confidence that everything will work out fine, despite apparent conflicting terms of permit and runway agreement.“We always can stop it on a moment's notice if it's not what we agreed to,” Councilman Tim Hubbard said.

Luminati’s history of late payments on runway lease yet another red flag

In November 2015, Luminati Aerospace and the Town of Riverhead signed an agreement requiring Luminati to pay annual rent of $40,000 for exclusive rights to the 10,000-foot runway. Here's how that's worked out. Guest opinion column by Larry Simms

Riverhead police: Two Florida men arrested on trespass charges for use of runway at Calverton Enterprise Park

Police said the pair were arrested by the owner of Luminati Aerospace, which has the exclusive right to use and control the runway under an agreement it entered last year with the Town of Riverhead, which owns the site.