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Larry Simms

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An objective look at the Riverhead IDA – Part 3: Legal Footnote

by Nov 4, 2023
The third of three essays by former Riverhead IDA board member Larry Simms.

Riverhead IDA’s broken processes make for bad decisions

by Nov 3, 2023
Riverhead IDA watchdog and former board member Larry Simms discusses the agency's decision-making processes, which he argues lead to many bad decisions.

An Objective Look at the Riverhead IDA

by Nov 2, 2023
Former Riverhead IDA Board member Larry Simms in a series of three essays discusses the IDA's projects, processes and impacts.

Town supervisor was right to criticize school board actions

by Jul 25, 2020
Former South Jamesport resident Larry Simms believes the school district is looking to distract voters from more than the budget revote.

Luminati’s history of late payments on runway lease yet another red flag

by Jan 25, 2018
In November 2015, Luminati Aerospace and the Town of Riverhead signed an agreement requiring Luminati to pay annual rent of $40,000 for exclusive rights to the 10,000-foot runway. Here's how that's worked out. Guest opinion column by Larry Simms

Grapes and Greed: 5 ways J. Kings is in your pocket

by Jul 7, 2016
Guest column by Larry Simms questions propriety of town's settlement with Grapes and Greens/Cider House owner.

Opinion Four-year terms? Term limits? No, Riverhead needs a professional manager

by Feb 25, 2016
If term length and term limits are the answers, we’re asking the wrong questions Why we need to restructure town government and hire a professional manager.

Is “town manager” really a profession?

by Feb 25, 2016
When things have been done a certain way for as long as anyone can remember, we tend not to notice what works elsewhere. The ICMA—International...
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Board members drop bombshell; distracted voters don’t notice — a tale of two headlines

by Oct 28, 2015
I’m as disgusted with the sad state of Riverhead campaigning as anyone, but what troubles me most is that the mud-slinging diverts attention from really important things.
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Luminati, welcome to Riverhead

by Oct 21, 2015
An open letter to Luminati Aerospace from South Jamesport resident Larry Simms on improvements the town should make to its draft runway use agreement with the aerospace company to better protect the town's interests.