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Marine biotoxin found in Terry Creek & Meetinghouse Creek triggers temporary ban on shellfish harvesting

by Apr 13, 2023
The ban is in response to the presence of saxitoxin, a marine biotoxin that accumulates in shellfish and can sicken people who eat shellfish affected by the toxin.

Terry, Meetinghouse creeks closed to harvesting of shellfish, gastropods

by May 2, 2019
Residents are being warned by the county health department to avoid harvesting and eating shellfish and carnivorous gastropods in Terry Creek and Meetinghouse Creek in the Town of Riverhead until further notice.

Unchecked, nitrogen-fueled algal blooms spell environmental and economic disaster for Long Island

by Sep 16, 2018
Informed, wise and strong action is needed to reverse the trend of harmful algal blooms in Long Island waterways.

DEC reopens shellfish lands closed in May due to high levels of toxin linked to paralytic shellfish poisoning

by Jul 1, 2015
Though the lands remain uncertified for harvesting shellfish for human consumption due to chronic sanitary conditions, water quality in the Peconic River and western Flanders Bay has improved, according to Stony Brook University marine scientists.

Lethal toxin in local waterway reaches highest levels ever measured, but turtle die-off remains a mystery

by May 20, 2015
In addition to hundreds of dead turtles, thousands of dead bunker and at least three sea birds on the shores of Flanders Bay worry environmental scientists.

County warns about shellfish from local creeks & poisonous biotoxin with suspected link to turtle die-off

by May 16, 2015
The Suffolk County Health Department is warning residents against eating shellfish harvested from tributaries of the Peconic Estuary due to the presence of a marine biotoxin known to cause paralytic shellfish poisoning, a serious and potentially lethal illness in humans.

‘Massive’ die-off of turtles: Dozens of dead diamondback terrapins wash up along Flanders Bay beaches

by May 13, 2015
The bloated bodies of dozens of diamondback terrapins have been found scattered across the shores of several Jamesport and Flanders beaches since late April.