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Steve Bellone

Suffolk residents should avoid gatherings this weekend as county experiences ‘alarming’ COVID-19 surge, says Bellone

by Nov 13, 2020
With coronavirus infections increasing rapidly across the state, Bellone warned residents today that the county could be entering a “dangerous period” of the outbreak, and Cuomo said further statewide restrictions may be necessary to curb the spread.

‘Steady uptick’ in COVID cases & hospitalizations in Suffolk concern local health officials

by Nov 5, 2020
As confirmed coronavirus cases pass the 50,000 mark in Suffolk, the test positivity rate climbs and COVID hospitalizations reach highest number since the region entered phase four of reopening on July 8.

Innovative septic systems for new construction to be required in Suffolk

by Oct 17, 2020
Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone on Thursday signed a bill unanimously passed by the county legislature Oct. 6 modifying the county sanitary code to implement the new septic system requirements.

Public hearing on Bellone’s proposed $3.2 billion operating budget coming up next week

by Oct 17, 2020
The county executive's recommended operating budget, delivered to the county legislature Oct. 9, includes staffing reductions of 500 full-time employees and cuts to discretionary spending in public health, public safety and transportation.

Commercial gyms can reopen Monday in Suffolk; county announces procedures and guidelines for reopening

by Aug 19, 2020
Commercial gyms and indoor classes in Suffolk will be allowed to reopen on Monday, Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone announced today. He outlined the procedures gym operators must follow for reopening.

Bellone withdraws controversial bill to divert Drinking Water Protection Program funds

by Jul 28, 2020
After backlash from environmental advocates and opposition among legislators, the county executive today withdrew his bill to put a referendum on the November ballot that would have changed the distribution of quarter-percent sales tax revenues.

Bellone calls special meeting for vote on sales tax ballot measure

by Jul 23, 2020
Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone has called a special meeting of the legislature for Tuesday, July 28, to consider and vote on IR 1413, which would allow a larger portion of county sales tax revenues to be directed to the county’s taxpayer trust fund rather than the environmental trust fund for a three-year period. The measure will require voter approval in November.

Former county exec Steve Levy joins Bellone in push-back on quarter-percent sales tax ‘misinformation’

by Jul 20, 2020
Former county executive Steve Levy says it's inaccurate and unfair to characterize Suffolk's quarter-percent sales tax as an environmental protection measure.

‘Callous and tone deaf’: Bellone blasts Amper and environmental groups over plan to divert Drinking Water Protection Program funds

by Jul 11, 2020
Should sales tax revenues set aside for Suffolk’s environmental protection programs be diverted to help plug a huge — and growing — hole...

Proposals to divert sales tax revenue from environmental funds to plug county budget gap may go to voters in November

by Jun 23, 2020
County Executive Steve Bellone is proposing to use Suffolk County drinking water protection program funds over the next three years to help plug a "catastrophic" gap in the county budget and stabilize county property taxes. If the measures gain legislative approval, they will be on the ballot in November for voters to decide.