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Steve Bellone

Aguiar extends state of emergency in Riverhead, as Bellone issues order aimed at coordinating temporary housing for asylum-seekers

by May 28, 2023
There has been no official request from New York City to house asylum-seekers in Suffolk and officials are not aware of any asylum-seekers being sent by NYC to Suffolk, a county spokesperson said.

‘BlackCat’ group claims responsibility for ransomware attack on Suffolk County, begins publishing stolen documents on dark web

by Sep 16, 2022
Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone tonight confirmed that “(i)nformation posted yesterday on the dark web indicates a threat actor has claimed responsibility for the current cyber incident in Suffolk County.”

Suffolk County executive tests positive for COVID-19

by Oct 21, 2021
County Executive Steve Bellone announced he tested positive for COVID-19 on Oct. 20. Bellone said he is experiencing mild symptoms so far.

Suffolk County announces $100 million farmland preservation initiative to reach goal set over 50 years ago

by Aug 4, 2021
Suffolk County is committing $100 million over the next 10 years to preserve 10,000 acres of developable farmland, in order to reach the goal of preserving 30,000 acres set over 50 years ago.

American Rescue Plan aid will prevent county budget cuts and layoffs: Bellone

by Mar 12, 2021
An estimated $286 million in federal aid under the American Rescue Plan will prevent layoffs and drastic budget cuts in Suffolk County, County Executive Steve Bellone announced in a press release Thursday.

COVID-19 positive rate rises to ‘shocking’ 12.8% in Suffolk

by Dec 30, 2020
Suffolk’s COVID-19 test positivity rate shot up to 12.8% yesterday — 1,650 new confirmed cases out of 12,909 tests reported, the highest number of new cases reported since the onset of the pandemic.

New county program offers emergency rental assistance and small business grants

by Dec 15, 2020
Suffolk County is offering emergency rental assistance for residents and small business grants under a new COVID assistance program dubbed “BACKSTOP.”

Thanksgiving gatherings became ‘spreader events’ in Suffolk, Bellone says

by Dec 10, 2020
Suffolk County is currently monitoring 13 COVID clusters from Thanksgiving or other recent family gatherings, where all or almost all of the people in attendance later tested positive for the virus, Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone said today.

Transparency? I call bullsh*t. People deserve access to local COVID data and straight answers

by Nov 22, 2020
After confusing official reports of spiking COVID infection rates in Riverhead, I sought the town-level data. What I got was a bunch of baffle-gab and bullsh*t and a state official essentially telling me to take a hike.

COVID positivity rate in Riverhead averaged 5.6% over past five days, Bellone says

by Nov 19, 2020
County Executive Steve Bellone said testing programs in the Riverhead and Hampton Bays school districts are part of the county's efforts to get community spread of the coronavirus under control.