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Suffolk Closeup

Karl Grossman: Poverty, though its face has changed, is pervasive in Suffolk

by Jan 16, 2016
Wages have not kept up with the cost of housing and the overall cost of living in Suffolk, where more than 90,000 people live below the federal poverty level.

Suffolk Closeup: The price of oil and gas have little to do with supply and demand

by Jan 7, 2016
Low prices at the pump are the result of cheap oil flooding the market. It's politically motivated and it's not going to last.

From microbeads to methoprene, and being sandbagged by wrongheaded policy: 2015 in the county legislature

by Dec 31, 2015
A look back at the accomplishments and failures of the Suffolk Legislature in 2015.
Mute swans in local waters. (Photo: Emil Breitenbach Jr.)

Suffolk Closeup: Leave the swans alone

by Dec 11, 2015
The stately swans that glide on the Peconic River in Riverhead might be birds of the past if the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation gets its way.

Suffolk Closeup: Enemies of renewable energy seek to protect their own profits

by Nov 26, 2015
The electric utilities industry and their fossil-fuel backers are doing everything they can to stop the home solar energy insurgence because it cuts into their profits.

Wrongheaded work of Army Corps is destroying, not protecting, our shoreline

by Nov 20, 2015
The $8.9 million beach "fortification" project at Montauk will do more harm than good and is an example of why the Army Corps is the wrong agency for civilian shoreline projects.

Vandana Shiva: Chemical industry’s GMO drive is choking out diversity

by Nov 5, 2015
“Your region still has farms that look like farms,” international environmental leader Vandana Shiva said during a talk on the East End last month. In contrast, “industrial farms” are “creating deserts” and doing “violence against the earth.” Suffolk Closeup by Karl Grossman.

Suffolk Closeup: Why we need more women in elective office

by Oct 29, 2015
As U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor said, only with women being fully represented can the U.S. be a “fully representative democracy.”

Suffolk Closeup: County cops meddling in local politics is a decades-old pattern

by Oct 24, 2015
The situation with Suffolk County police in Riverhead fits into a pattern that is decades old. With the “average homeowner” in the county police district now paying $1,165 annually for police services, the county department would benefit greatly from new sources of property tax revenue — and the East End is ripe.