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Suffolk Closeup

Why ‘one of the largest tax increases in recent history’ is buried in your electric bill

The $7.6 billion bailout of four aging nuclear power plants upstate, a sweetheart deal for nuclear energy giant Exelon, is being funded by ratepayer subsidies across New York.

Who will clean up the ‘island of secrets’?

Can contamination on Plum Island, originally developed in the early 1950s by the U.S. Army Chemical Corps to use animal diseases to wage biological warfare, even be cleaned up?

Army Corps should follow New York’s embrace of ‘living shoreline’ approach

The shoreline should remain in its nature state as much as is possible, according to a guidance document issued by the State DEC this year. Shoreline projects that mimic the natural environment are preferred over hybrid options that utilize structural components.

A watershed moment in Suffolk politics

Errol Toulon Jr. is the first African-American elected to nonjudicial countywide office in Suffolk County.

Suffolk Closeup We must ‘listen to the cry of the Earth’

It’s critical for the world to work together to try to stop what is happening.

Suffolk Closeup Here’s hoping ‘anti-vaxxer’ hysteria doesn’t kill new Lyme vaccnine

A second Lyme vaccine is in clinical trials under an expedited review by the FDA. An earlier vaccine, approved in 1998, was pulled from the market after a class-action lawsuit a year later claiming the vaccine caused arthritis.

Suffolk Closeup: Coping with the thieves among us

When backyard varmints strip all the fruit from more than 40 trees, there's only one thing left to do.

Must STEM focus come at the expense of the humanities at Stony Brook?

A major university should offer a broad education. Learning in literature, theatre, cultural studies are important to a student’s education, and her or his understanding of the world.

Looking back on 50-plus years reporting the news in Suffolk County

In the rear-view mirror: Karl Grossman reflects on his decades of reporting on Suffolk County issues, government and politics.

Local reporter and syndicated columnist Karl Grossman honored by legislature

Journalist and investigative reporter Karl Grossman was honored by the Suffolk County Legislature this week for his career of 50-plus years reporting on Long Island issues, government and politics.