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Suffolk County government

‘BlackCat’ group claims responsibility for ransomware attack on Suffolk County, begins publishing stolen documents on dark web

Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone tonight confirmed that “(i)nformation posted yesterday on the dark web indicates a threat actor has claimed responsibility for the current cyber incident in Suffolk County.”

County IT systems crippled, with websites, email down, five days after discovery of cyberattack

Suffolk County’s information technology systems are still crippled due to a cyberattack having 'the hallmarks of ransomware' that county officials became aware of on Sept. 8.

Documents in ex-Suffolk DA’s corruption trial reveal county politics at their sordid worst

Thanks to the federal judge in disgraced Suffolk district attorney Tom Spota's corruption trial, we have a glimpse into how things work behind the scenes in Suffolk. It's not a pretty picture and hasn't been fully reported by the press. Column by Greg Blass.

Prop 2 is a scam. Vote No.

Prop 2 is yet another ploy to fix the county’s budget mess caused by its own fiscal mismanagement — by erasing its legal obligation to repay $154.17 million it “borrowed” from environmental protection funds, by erasing a court judgment of $29.4 million arising from an earlier lawsuit and by raiding the Sewer Assessment Stabilization Fund to the tune of at least $15 million. Voters should say no to this scam.

COVID is a convenient scapegoat for county’s fiscal mismanagement

Suffolk County's fiscal crisis long preceded the COVID pandemic, but the county seeks to blame COVID in its quest for a federal bailout. New column by Greg Blass.

Coronavirus may expose Suffolk’s dire fiscal condition to be worse than feared

County officials say that a two-month extension of the property tax deadline will put the county in default on paying some of its bonded debt of $329 million due in July, and another $74 million due in August. Column by Greg Blass

State comptroller: Suffolk the most fiscally stressed county government in New York

State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli on Thursday announced fiscal stress rankings for 2018. Suffolk County was at the top of the list for counties statewide for the second year in a row.

Bellone releases 2020 recommended budget

Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone yesterday released a $3.2 billion recommended operating budget for 2020.

Suffolk’s one-party rule: A compliant legislature rubber-stamps costly measures that benefit the county executive’s political fortunes

Last month, 11 costly union contracts were rammed through on an emergency basis, with no chance for legislators to review them, no public hearing, no public comment.

In Suffolk, hidden taxes help fund runaway government spending

Suffolk County government's already fat fees keep climbing — along with county debt — allowing politicians to fund runaway spending and make the (false) claim they're not raising taxes.