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Tim Hubbard

Riverhead seeks volunteers for beach committee

The beach committee, to be chaired by Councilman Tim Hubbard, will advise officials on beach improvement and solving existing problems, such as parking.

Hubbard out, Higgins in for deputy supervisor

Supervisor Yvette Aguiar announced Thursday evening she will appoint her chief of staff, Devon Higgins, as her deputy supervisor. Last week she said she would name Councilman Tim Hubbard to the post.

Riverhead councilman on the mend after a close call

If there’s one big life lesson everyone must learn, it is this: You just never know. A bad fall on his backyard deck almost claimed the life of Riverhead Councilman Tim Hubbard last week, rupturing his spleen and causing him to lose more than half his blood volume.

Jens-Smith taps Kent as her new deputy

Riverhead Supervisor Laura Jens-Smith has appointed Councilwoman Catherine Kent as deputy supervisor, replacing Councilman Tim Hubbard in that role.

Tim Hubbard has a change of heart: Triple Five will be required to make financial disclosure before Q&E decision

Deputy Supervisor Tim Hubbard said today he has changed his mind about financial disclosure by Triple Five: “It has weighed so heavily on my mind. I have gone back and forth and in my heart I know I can’t make a decision without it," he said today.

After four-hour meeting with Triple Five in NYC, Giglio reconsidering EPCAL proposal

Councilwoman Jodi Giglio said she now believes company has “the experience and the wherewithal” to develop the site as an aviation technology center.

Councilman Tim Hubbard to be named deputy supervisor

Riverhead Supervisor Laura Jens-Smith, a Democrat, said she has decided to appoint Republican Councilman Tim Hubbard as deputy supervisor.

Town board votes on party lines to reappoint town attorney and planning, zoning board members

Despite not objecting yesterday to the new supervisor's proposal to advertise for all vacancies on boards and committees, the Republican majority today moved to reappoint the town attorney and current members of the planning and zoning boards.

Move to cancel letter of intent with Luminati loses third vote: After meeting, Dunleavy now advocates ‘another chance’

Luminati CEO Daniel Preston held one-on-one meetings with three council members today. The meeting changed Councilman John Dunleavy's mind about canceling the town's letter of intent wth the Calverton aerospace startup.

After dissent on board, town to seek additional help vetting Luminati

Facing criticism over how they’re going about the massive land deal with Luminati Aerospace, Riverhead Town officials will seek additional outside help vetting the...