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Triple Five

Discussion of potential air cargo hub in Calverton draws another crowd to civic meeting

Last night more than 100 people — 92 in person and 20 via Zoom — attended a Greater Calverton Cvic Association meeting to hear a presentation by EPCAL Watch on plans being advanced by Triple Five Group for a cargo logistics hub development at the enterprise park.

CAT’s EPCAL plan violates the very town ordinance it says it relies on for approval

Guest column: CAT's plan is a "nuisance" prohibited by Riverhead Town Code.

Hey, Triple Five. We get it. Do you?

Whatever name they give Triple Five’s plan — a hub, a cog, a piece in the logistics and distribution puzzle — it’s still a place with runways where planes carrying cargo — typically 747s which, when fully loaded, weigh 89,000 pounds — would be landing. And it would generate truck traffic here the likes of which we’ve never seen.

Crowd, angry about potential for cargo jets and truck traffic, blasts EPCAL developer at forum

A raucous crowd packed the Hotel Indigo meeting room beyond capacity Wednesday night to confront the Triple Five affiliate looking to build 10 million square-feet of industrial/commercial development at the Calverton Enterprise Park.

Triple Five affiliate says it is pursuing use of rail freight infrastructure in Calverton

Calverton Aviation & Technology says it is exploring rail freight uses for the Calverton rail spur refurbished and by town at a cost of $3.5 million in 2010-2011.

Crowd turns out Friday night to learn about what ‘warehouse’ proposals could mean for Calverton

A crowd of 92 people attended the Greater Calverton Civic Association meeting Friday night to learn about "Warehouse Breeds" at Riley Avenue Elementary School, where community members presented information about how traditional warehouses have evolved into distribution and fulfillment centers to accommodate online retailing.

The $40 million land deal between Riverhead and Triple Five affiliate ‘CAT’: a look back

With Calverton Aviation & Technology set to present its plans for the Calverton Enterprise Park Wednesday evening at the Hotel Indigo in Riverhead, we thought this a good time to provide a timeline of milestones in the history of the deal, now in its seventh year.

The ‘CAT’ plan for EPCAL does not deserve taxpayer financial support

Featured letter: CAT has no approved site plan, no zoning approvals, no required permits and its plan has not undergone the review mandated by the State Environmental Quality Review Act. It should not even be considered for taxpayer-funded support.

Triple Five affiliate hoped to have its application for IDA benefits approved by now, but it’s not clear the agency’s vetting...

Calverton Aviation & Technology's attorney said in September his client hoped to gain approval from the IDA by the end of 2022 or early in 2023. Five months later, it's not clear whether the IDA's vetting process has even begun.

Triple Five’s New Jersey mall slapped with $389 million lawsuit claiming construction loan default

Construction loan creditors have sued a Triple Five affiliate to collect $389 million on a defaulted loan agreement. The debt was one piece of $1.7 billion in private construction financing for the American Dream mall in New Jersey.