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Triple Five

Triple Five threatens to sue Riverhead Town over EPCAL contract

by Oct 26, 2023
'CAT Triple Five has the legal right to develop this property,' a company spokesperson said, calling it 'tragic' that the town has 'diverted' the future of Calverton 'to the court house for what will likely be years to come.'

It’s official: Riverhead Town cancels contract to sell EPCAL land to Triple Five affiliate, CAT

by Oct 24, 2023
The Riverhead Town Board wasted no time acting to cancel the town's contract with Calverton Aviation & Technology following the Riverhead Industrial Development Agency's decision Monday night to deny CAT's application for financial assistance to develop the Calverton Enterprise Park

Riverhead IDA denies CAT’s application for financial assistance to develop Calverton site

by Oct 23, 2023
The Riverhead IDA Monday night denied Calverton Aviation & Technology’s application for financial assistance to develop the Calverton Enterprise Park site.

IDA action on Triple Five request for tax breaks without firm development plan is ‘improper,’ ‘inappropriate’ & ‘irresponsible,’ senators say

by Sep 20, 2023
CAT has backed away from its air cargo proposal for EPCAL and now says its development plan is in flux. The IDA's review of CAT's application for tax breaks in the absence of a firm plan is improper, the chairperson of the State Senate's government watchdog committee said. First District Sen. Anthony Palumbo, a member of that committee, agreed.

Triple Five megamall suffered $245 million in operating losses in 2022, filing shows

by Sep 20, 2023
The New Jersey megamall owned by Triple Five, which is in contract through another affiliate company to purchase more than 1,600 acres of industrial land in Calverton from Riverhead Town, had $245 million in operating losses last year, security filings released this week shows.

New objections, questions from town supervisor and community raised about town’s chosen ‘path forward’ on $40 million Calverton land deal

by Aug 30, 2023
Supervisor Yvette Aguiar raised concerns last week about when the town would receive the balance of its $40 million for land at the Calverton Enterprise Park, if the Riverhead Industrial Development Agency moves the town's deal with Calverton Aviation and Technology forward.

Riverhead IDA board members question Calverton Aviation & Technology about its finances

by Aug 25, 2023
Riverhead Industrial Development Agency board members on Wednesday questioned representatives of the Triple Five affiliate in contract to buy more than 1,600 acres at Calverton Enterprise Park from Riverhead Town about the company’s finances, bringing what has primarily been a closed-door vetting process out into the public eye.

Riverhead IDA announces Aug. 23 public information session to discuss finances with EPCAL buyer

by Aug 20, 2023
Calverton Aviation & Technology will attend another public information session with the Riverhead Industrial Development Agency to discuss plans for the EPCAL site, the Riverhead IDA announced in a press release issued last night.

EPCAL buyers work to distance themselves from air cargo hub plan, but residents remain skeptical

by Aug 8, 2023
“I personally apologize for the confusion that was created when it [an air cargo hub] was referenced by a professional consultant as a hypothetical concept of full buildout,” Calverton Aviation & Technology CEO Justin Ghermezian told the Riverhead IDA board at the Aug. 8, 2023 public information meeting. Residents stepped to the podium to say they didn't believe the applicant's re-characterization of the plans presented last September.

Riverhead must say ‘no’ to an air cargo hub at EPCAL

by Aug 4, 2023
Officials can require the developer to file covenants ensuring that this property will never be used for air cargo. Let's protect our environment and use our industrial land and public dollars to support employers that will benefit local workers. Long Island can have good jobs and clean air.