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Twomey Latham

Gene Casey & the Lone Sharks, Who Are Those Guys headline dance concert at Martha Clara to help feed the hungry

The annual Charitable Giving Fundraiser at Martha Clara Vineyards has helped the Twomey, Latham law firm and Suffolk County National Bank raise $10,000 for East End food pantries each year for the past several years.

Fighting for East End’s ‘invisible poor,’ Riverhead law firm and SCNB donate $10,000 to five local food pantries

For the third year in a row, a Riverhead law firm and Suffolk County National Bank have raised $10,000 for local food pantries struggling with increasing demand and an ever-growing number of local hungry families.

Thomas A. Twomey, 68

Prominent Riverhead attorney Tom Twomey died suddenly Nov. 16 at age 68.