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Teacher retirees approved

Retirement plans for 26 faculty members – including teachers, nurses, a librarian, school psychologist and a ROTC instructor – were approved last night. The retirements, which take effect between June 30 and Nov. 8 follow the approval of a retirement incentive plan announced in the previous Board of Education meeting on Jan. 12.

Superintendent Nancy Carney thanked the teachers and faculty for their service to the district, noting that these individuals represent decades of teaching and experience. The retirees will be recognized at a board meeting in June.

Riverhead Middle School student pick-up woes

Cars crowd the middle school parking lot pick-up area after school. Photo: Dawn Bozuhoski
Cars crowd the middle school parking lot pick-up area after school. Photo: Dawn Bozuhoski

Despite a recent modification to the rear parking lot at the middle school, student pick-up “is still a disaster,” according to board member Christopher Dorr.

Wading River resident Doreen Moore pointed out that the school recently started using two of the lanes rather than one, which leaves traffic at a standstill if a car is parked in line waiting for a child.

Carney said the district is working on a permanent solution once the bus garage has been removed, but they are also trying to come up with a temporary solution in the interim.

The board will ask the Health and Safety Committee to provide suggestions to resolve the issue at the next board meeting.

Masonry repairs at Pulaski and Roanoke

A repair reserve expenditure of $660,000 was approved last night for masonry repairs at Roanoke and Pulaski schools.

The repairs will include replacing exterior stairs, as well as repairing brickwork and lintels.

When Dorr asked if the work would include the wreath at the top of the school, Carney said that the wreath cannot be fully restored due to cost limitations, but that it will receive repairs.

Vacant board seat

The board confirmed its decision not to immediately replace the seat vacated by exiting board member Lori Hulse, who stepped down after her election as a town justice.

Instead, the seat will be filled during the board of education elections to be held in May.

That leaves three seats open during May’s election, since board members
Amelia Lantz and Christopher Dorr’s terms will expire this year. The third-place candidate will fill Hulse’s seat for the remaining year of her term.

Petitions from candidates who wish to run in the May election will be due on April 18. Petition paperwork will be available at the district office a few of weeks prior to the April 18 deadline.

Susan Koukounas recognized

Board vice president Amelia Lantz presented president Susan Koukounas with a plaque commemorating her recognition from the New York State School Board Association for earning the board’s mastery award.


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