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Riverhead Board of Education

School property tax exemption for volunteer firefighters and ambulance workers expanded: Feb. 29 school board wrap-up

by Feb 29, 2024
Volunteer firefighters and ambulance workers now only need two years of service, rather than five years of service, to take advantage of a 10% school property tax exemption, the Riverhead Board of Education decided Tuesday.

Riverhead school district approaching a ‘fiscal cliff,’ business official tells school board

by Feb 28, 2024
The school district needs to " have a solid financial plan" that "doesn't look like your EKG going up and down," business official Marianne Cartisano told the school board. "You have to get off the roller coaster.”

Spanish speakers ask school district for translation services at meetings and events

by Feb 8, 2024
Spanish-speaking community members are calling on the Riverhead Board of Education to provide translation services at school board meetings and other meetings.

Interim assistant business official hired, student athletes honored: school board meeting wrap-up

by Jan 26, 2024
The Riverhead Board of Education has hired another interim administrator to fill a new job in the district’s business office, as the interim superintendent continues a reorganization following the departure of former Superintendent Augustine Tornatore.

How much should Regents exams count toward final course grades — or should they count at all?

by Jan 22, 2024
Riverhead school faculty, parents and administrators are split on whether the Board of Education should change the policy that weighs a high school student's state Regents examination score as a fifth of their final course average.

Changes to school district administrator roles approved: Riverhead school board wrap-up

by Jan 17, 2024
The Riverhead Board of Education last week reorganized the school district’s administration, creating a new assistant superintendent position for human resources and changing the titles of top administrators.

Riverhead school district joins federal class action lawsuit against social media companies: Dec. 12 school board wrap-up

by Dec 15, 2023
The Riverhead Central School District is joining a federal class action lawsuit against technology companies to pursue damages for the harm social media platforms have on adolescent mental health.

School district business official resigns effective Dec. 25, will remain ‘reassigned at home’ with full pay and benefits until then

by Dec 12, 2023
The Riverhead Board of Education is scheduled to vote tonight on a separation agreement between the school district and its business official that will see the apparently absent employee continue to be paid until he resigns on Dec. 25. 

‘It’s all about the students.’ Other than that, ‘No comment.’

by Oct 25, 2023
The latest episode in the 'Riverhead School District Revolving Door' saga will cost district taxpayers over $600,000 — not counting whatever 'buyout' is coming for the top business official who's 'disappeared.' Where's the public outrage?

Turmoil in Riverhead schools administration continues: superintendent resigns and top business official says he’s ‘leaving’

by Oct 24, 2023
Riverhead Central School District Superintendent Augustine Tornatore and the district’s top business official, Rodney Asse, have resigned their positions.