Remembering to keep their pinkies up, Riley Avenue second graders sipped apple juice from plastic cups and noshed on cucumber sandwiches with their napkins spread properly in their laps last week in Catherine Kent’s classroom.

Kent hosts an annual tea party every year to give her students a chance to practice their dinner etiquette at school.

Held the Friday before Valentine’s Day weekend, this year’s tea party featured chocolate-covered strawberries and heart-shaped cookies. Students poured apple juice from silver teapots and practiced basic rules of etiquette with one anther: not chewing with their mouths open, taking just a few items on their plates at a time and waiting for everyone else to get their food before beginning to eat.

Some children came to class dressed especially for the occasion, with little boys dressed in button-down shirts and ties and girls donning bonnets and colorful dresses.

Source: Riverhead Central School District press release


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Katie Blasl
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