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Catherine Kent

Let your voice be heard about the future of downtown Riverhead

Councilwoman Catherine Kent urges all residents to attend the second downtown forum Thursday evening and complete the online survey about the future of downtown.

‘Peace, not hate’: Riverhead councilwoman pleads with community to think before commenting on social media

Councilwoman Catherine Kent: "There’s healing to be done and it starts with each and every one of us. Our children are watching all that we do and what we say."

Former town official is now representing Triple Five in EPCAL deal

Former Riverhead councilman and deputy supervisor Chris Kent — the ex-husband of Councilwoman Catherine Kent — has been retained by Triple Five, the company in contract to buy more than 1,600 acres of vacant land at the Calverton Enterprise Park.

Jens-Smith taps Kent as her new deputy

Riverhead Supervisor Laura Jens-Smith has appointed Councilwoman Catherine Kent as deputy supervisor, replacing Councilman Tim Hubbard in that role.

History is made in Riverhead: Jens-Smith sworn in as first woman town supervisor

Jens-Smith called for unity, cooperation and perseverance in Riverhead Town government after she took the oath of office as Riverhead Town's 62nd supervisor, the first woman to hold the post in the town's 226-year history.

A Riverhead first: An all-woman slate running for town board

It's a first in Riverhead's 225-year history: a ticket of three women seeking election to the town board.

Longtime Riverhead teacher declares candidacy for town board

Catherine Kent of Baiting Hollow, who taught in Riverhead schools for 38 years, is seeking the Democratic nomination for town council.

Riley Avenue second graders show off their table manners at tea party

Students poured apple juice from silver teapots and practiced basic rules of etiquette with one anther: not chewing with their mouths open, taking just a few items on their plates at a time and waiting for everyone else to get their food before beginning to eat.
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