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Riley Avenue Elementary School

Riley Avenue Elementary School hosts its first-ever Thanksgiving parade

Riley Avenue students held the school's first-ever Thanksgiving Parade Nov. 25, marching through the halls with colorful balloons modeled after the giant balloons in the Macy's parade on Thanksgiving Day.

Fall fun at Riley Avenue family festival

Photos: Riley Avenue Elementary School celebrated autumn with a fun family festival last Friday afternoon.

Riley Avenue School students participate in ‘Leadership Day’ activities, Feb 7

Some Riley Avenue School students participated in 'Leadership Day' activities demonstrating skills they had acquired through the pilot program initiative, such as public speaking, eye contact and data tracking.

Riverhead students take on the Great Kindness Challenge

Students at Riley Avenue, Roanake and Phillips Avenue Schools took part in the Great Kindness Challange, a weeklong event geared toward teaching them how to show kindness to friends, family and others.

Riley Avenue librarian/media specialist wins grant

Riley Avenue library/media specialist Amelia Estevez-Creedon was awarded a $500 grant. The money will go towards supporting the school library's social studies initiatives.

Riley Avenue: Reading, robotics, rocketry and research light the way to learning

Riley Avenue Elementary School hosted a two-week Parents as Reading Partners program March 7-18. Activities during the program included a night of robotics, a...

Riley Avenue second graders show off their table manners at tea party

Students poured apple juice from silver teapots and practiced basic rules of etiquette with one anther: not chewing with their mouths open, taking just a few items on their plates at a time and waiting for everyone else to get their food before beginning to eat.

Feeling bullied? Riley Avenue students now have their own ‘Buddy Bench’, thanks to Kait’s Angels

Buddy Benches are meant to provide a safe space for students who are feeling lonely or bullied, and they are being installed in schools across the North Fork.

For the first time, a Riley Avenue student takes home the gold in county-wide science fair at Brookhaven National Lab

Mark Burns is a tiny, soft-spoken second-grader at Riley Avenue. He is a little shy, with eyeglasses that seem too large for his round face, but when asked about his science fair project, he lights up with visible enthusiasm.

‘Mural with a message’: Riley Avenue students paint colorful anti-bullying mural in school’s cafeteria

“It shows respect and kindness, which are some of the words that represent our school,” said one Riley Avenue fourth-grader at the unveiling of the mural today. “If we all look at it each day, we will be reminded to be kind to each other.”