Incumbent Riverhead Supervisor Laura Jens-Smith leads the pack of local candidates when it comes to campaign fundraising. Jens-Smith has raised over $40,000 so far in this election cycle (2018-2019).

She closed out the current reporting period, which ended Sept. 30, with a balance of $27,146 in her campaign coffers.

Her Republican opponent, newcomer Yvette Aguiar, has made loans totaling $46,296 to her campaign committee. So far, Aguiar has raised $24,660 from donors.

Among town council candidates, Republican Frank Beyrodt has raised the most money overall and enters the final month of the campaign with the most cash on hand. Beyrodt, who ran for a council seat in 2017 and lost in the four-way race by 128 votes, has raised $18,175 this election cycle. His committee had $12,436 in the bank as of Sept. 30.

Incumbent Councilman Tim Hubbard, a Republican, has raised $10,864 in the current election cycle and closed out the current reporting period with a balance of $2,236.

Democratic council candidate Pat Snyder has raised $9,114 for her campaign. Her running mate, Diane Tucci, has raised $3,702 in the effort. Snyder had $5,283 on hand in her campaign account at the Sept. 30 close of this reporting period, while Tucci’s committee closed the period out with $2,165 in the bank.

Libertarian council candidate William Van Helmond reported having $155 in his campaign account as of Sept. 30. He raised $495 and made loans to his campaign committee totaling $3,400 during the current reporting period.

Incumbent assessor Mason Haas, a Republican, reported having $4,250 in his campaign account as of Sept. 30. His running mate, Meredith Lipinksy has raised $6,020 in her campaign so far and reported a balance of $4,864 as of Sept. 30.

Democratic assessor candidates Jaraby Thomas and Tara Taylor had no reports filed with the state, according to the state database online.

Riverhead tax receiver Laurie Zaneski, a Republican who is again running unopposed in this year’s election, closed out the current reporting period with $556 in her campaign account. She has not raised any funds since 2016, when she reported a $150 contribution. Zaneski, appointed by the town board in 2012 to fill a vacancy in the office, won election that November to fill the unexpired term of her predecessor. She was elected unopposed to a four-year term in 2015.

Riverhead Town Justice Lori Hulse, running unopposed for a second term of office has not filed a disclosure report in this election cycle, according to the New York State Board of Elections online database.

The Riverhead Town Democratic Committee reported raising $5,195 this period and a balance of $22,046 as of Sept. 30. [Editor’s note: The report, which was filed late, did not appear online until after this story was published. The story has been updated to include it.]

The Riverhead Republican committee reported $11,892 cash on hand as of Sept. 30.

At the county level, Democratic Legislator Al Krupski reported having $16,914 on hand as of Sept. 30. His opponent, Republican Remy Bell said he is not actively campaigning and has no campaign account.

Incumbent County Executive Steve Bellone, a Democrat, closed out this reporting period with $1,605,665 in his campaign account, after raising $$424,019 and spending $837,648 since July 11.

His challenger, Republican County Comptroller John Kennedy, reported raising $153,095 between July 11 and Sept. 30 and having a closing balance of $235,541.

All candidates whose names are on the ballot in the upcoming general election are required to file disclosure reports at specific points leading up the election: 32 days and 11 days prior to the general election and 27 days after the election.

The next disclosure report — and the final one before Election Day, Nov. 5 — is due Oct. 25. It covers the period Oct. 1-21.

We have compiled the full 32-day pre-general disclosure reports of local candidates and committees that have filed the reports as of today (Oct. 9). The reports below may be downloaded, viewed in full-screen, shared or viewed on the website at RiverheadLOCAL’s document library.

Laura Jens-Smith
Frank Beyrodt
Pat Snyder
William Van Helmond
Mason Haas
Al Krupski
Steve Bellone
Yvette Aguiar
Tim Hubbard
Diane Tucci
Meredith Lipinsky
Riverhead Republican Committee
John Kennedy
Riverhead Town Democratic Committee

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Denise Civiletti
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