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In recognition of their exceptional achievement on the national Advanced Placement exams, 86 Riverhead High School students have earned Advanced Placement Scholar recognition by the College Board.

Of those students, 55 were named AP Scholars, 13 earned the recognition of AP Scholar with Honor and 18 were recognized as AP Scholars with Distinction, including one student who also earned the National AP Scholar designation.

To earn AP Scholar recognition, students are required to score a 3 or higher on three or more AP exams; for Scholar with Honor, they must earn a 3.25 on all AP exams taken and grades of 3 or higher on four or more of those exams; for the Scholar with Distinction award, they must receive an average score of 3.5 on all AP exams and grades of 4 or higher on five or more of those exams; and for National AP Scholar designation, they must receive an average score of 4 on eight or more exams.
The Riverhead Central School District congratulates the following students:

National AP Scholar

Ravi J. Manucha

AP Scholars with Distinction

Steven Amaya
Pedro O. Arruda
Denis Calle Ortega
Liam M. Drobny
Lilly A. Kneidl
Eric C. Lehman
Sabrina L. Maccaron
Ravi J. Manucha
Gabrielle A. Manzello
Kyle D. Martelli
Kai G. Metzger
Brian T. Noone
Scarlett R. Olsen
Linda Pomiranceva
Diego A. Sandoval-Chavez
Madison L. Stromski
Zachary W. White
Christina R. Yakaboski

AP Scholars with Honor

Corey J. Allen
Laura M. Allen
Nicholas S. Barrett
Lila N. Bowe
Caleigh E. Cantalupo
Angeles R. Guazhambo Penaf
Ainsley E. Hipp
Aidan E. Martin
Jared T. Nicholson
Shannon K. O’Brien
Cora D. Purcell
Sofia M. Salgado
Riley S. Wendt

AP Scholars

Rachel N. Abad
Maribella A. Acosta
Leslie R. Alvizures
Patrick A. Andes
Bryan I. Arriaga
Nydelin F. Avalos Abzun
Gina M. Bassemir
Rebecca A. Bassemir
Taylor L. Bodanza
Aksel G. Boisits
Connor J. Brennan
Christopher J. Budway
Arthur J. Byrns
Rebecca E. Cohen
Sienna B. D’Albano
Makayla E. Dalbano
Tercia Z. Dobrzyns
Kate L. Foley
Lana N. Fusco
Oleksandra Gachynska
Marelin L. Galdamez
Madison E. Geldert
Sean S. Gellner
Nikolas Golyatdinov-Nov
Max Heilman
Juliana M. Hise
Madeline R. Hoyt
Banesa M. Interian
Jordyn H. Jager
Sarah A. Jordan
Ailie M. Kinnier
Lily M. Kutner
Casmir Lesiewicz
Alvin T. Levik
Angela Llamas
Brianna Marichal
Justin M. Mason
Alexander E. Matwe
Olivia G. Niewiadomski
Kaillyn A. Ochoa
Madison L. Payne
Kylie A. Plitt
Jocelyn P. Podlas
Jacob L. Raynor
Angel E. Reye
Natalia Ruszkowski
James P. Ryan
Juliana M. Salcedo
Stefany M. Silva
Viktoria F. Skobodzinski
Natalia S. Tarasiuk
Melanie E. Vail
Sarai Velazquez
Isabella R. Williams
Matthew J. Yakaboski

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