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The EPCAL debacle rolls on for the worst of reasons

by Aug 8, 2023
Guest column: What was actually revealed last night was an unwillingness to acknowledge the obvious: that our current decision-makers lack the confidence and competency to either own or fix the problem that is EPCAL. With a staggeringly bad result.

Our political-tribal divide is a mile wide and an inch deep

by Aug 5, 2023
Guest column: Town Board candidate Andrew Leven urges Riverhead voters to leave 'tribal' partisan politics behind.

Student loan forgiveness is a terrible Idea

by Jul 4, 2023
Guest column: It is one thing to require me to subsidize a person’s healthcare, because illness is not a choice.  It is quite another, however, to require me to fund the decision of adults who decided to invest in themselves to increase their earning potential. 

CAT’s EPCAL plan violates the very town ordinance it says it relies on for approval

by May 8, 2023
Guest column: CAT's plan is a "nuisance" prohibited by Riverhead Town Code.

Riverhead has a leadership problem

by Mar 25, 2023
Guest column: Riverhead has a fundamental problem that affects all of its residents: Those who are supposed to protect the public routinely don’t. With real consequences.