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Fatal downtown fire: It’s time for answers

If the town lacks the requisite resources or initiative to conduct the necessary investigation, Suffolk County or New York State must step in.

In the spirit of the season, let’s embrace unity

While more than a thousand local residents attended a soccer tournament at Stotzky Park to mourn, to heal and to bring our community together, Lee Zeldin attended an event across town designed to divide and demonize members of our community.

Where was Zeldin’s outrage all along?

Anyone in New York State who believes Lee Zeldin to be a viable candidate to replace Andrew Cuomo should also consider the warning from Aesop, “A man is known by the company he keeps.”

Responsible lawmakers do their homework: Giglio isn’t ready for Albany

This was not an error a multiple-term member of the Board currently seeking a promotion to the New York State Assembly should have made.

Lee Zeldin is wrong on bail reform

Zeldin should restrain his rhetoric, stop the race-based fear-mongering his position engenders, cease citing erroneous, anecdotal evidence as proof of anything and realize that he represents ALL of New York’s First Congressional Distric

Zeldin’s call for bipartisan cooperation in Washington is pure hypocrisy

Rep. Lee Zeldin calls for bipartisan cooperation Washington, but his voting record and public statements show otherwise. Guest column by Steve Kramer

Zeldin’s Venezuela view is ill-informed, dangerous

Rep. Lee Zeldin's support of the failed coup in Venezuela shows a stark lack of understanding.