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American Rescue Plan

Child tax credit expansion promises a financial boost for low and middle class families

Parents who make up to $150,000 jointly, or $112,500 filing single, will receive monthly payments of $300 per child age 0-5, and $250 per month per child ages 6-17, for the next six months under the American Rescue Plan.

Riverhead school district gets 42% boost in state aid, plus almost $19M in one-shot federal coronavirus relief funding

Riverhead schools got a big boost in state aid in the final budget deal reached last night between the governor and state...

American Rescue Plan aid will prevent county budget cuts and layoffs: Bellone

An estimated $286 million in federal aid under the American Rescue Plan will prevent layoffs and drastic budget cuts in Suffolk County, County Executive Steve Bellone announced in a press release Thursday.

Riverhead to receive $3.67 million in federal stimulus funds, supervisor announces

Riverhead Town will receive $3.67 million in federal stimulus funds under the American Rescue Plan passed by Congress and signed into law...