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Andrew Cuomo

Cuomo warns ‘exponential increase’ of coronavirus cases expected after 9 new cases confirmed in New York Wednesday

The patient at the center of the outbreak is a 50-year-old New Rochelle man, an attorney who works in midtown Manhattan. The governor said the virus has spread to nine other people so far and 1,000 others in Westchester have self-quarantined.

Cuomo budget to include statewide ban on single-use plastic bags

The governor yesterday announced his intention to include the single-use plastic bag ban in his 2019 executive budget.

Cuomo: ‘No how, no way’ New York State will allow offshore drilling

N.Y. Gov. Andrew Cuomo has introduced a bill aimed at blocking the federal government’s plan to open coastal waters to drilling for oil and gas, pledging to go to court and even commission a citizen fleet, if necessary, to stop the move.

Minimum wage rises to $11/hour on Long Island, paid family leave law and middle class tax cuts take effect

The minimum wage increase, paid family leave law and middle class tax cuts announced by Gov. Andrew Cuomo yesterday in Hauppauge are part of a package the governor calls "economic justice programs for the middle class.

State budget deal announced: Spending plan includes $1.1 billion boost to state education aid and tuition-free public colleges

The $153.1 billion budget increases state education aid by more than 4 percent, provides for tuition-free public colleges for families earning $125,000 or less and raises to 18 the age for criminal prosecution as an adult.

Greg Blass Should state step in to stop Suffolk’s fiscal free-fall? Probably, but politics intervenes

Drastic action is needed to save our insolvent county, but political alliances get in the way.

Suffolk Closeup Tuition-free public colleges give working and middle class a much-needed leg up

Free tuition at New York's public colleges has a history going back nearly two centuries and has played a pivotal role in the upward mobility of middle and working class youth.

Cuomo announces proposal for $2 billion to protect drinking water

The drinking water protection funds would provide, among other things, money for advanced wastewater treatment systems to address nitrogen loading on Long Island.

N.Y. officials announce plan to combat Zika across downstate region

State officials have announced a six-step action plan to combat potential transmission of the Zika virus in communities across New York State, where 49...
Audience at a community forum held in November in Eastport where parents and teachers confronted Education Commissioner John King. (File photo: Micah Danney)

Governor’s Common Core task force: ‘It’s time to right the ship’

A task force appointed by the governor to review the Common Core standards in response to the outcry by parents and educators has issued its report faulting the way the state implemented the new standards and offering 21 recommendations for action, including using Common Core-aligned assessments as advisory only until 2019-2020.