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Charles Regan

Former Riverhead High School principal has surrendered state teaching and administrator certificates

Charles Regan, who resigned as Riverhead High School principal in September, facing disciplinary charges stemming from alleged sexual abuse of a female student, has surrendered his state professional certifications.

Second federal lawsuit alleging sexual misconduct with a student filed against former Riverhead principal

The new lawsuit, brought by a former student at Eastport High School, accuses Charles Regan, then a teacher and girls basketball coach in that district, of getting her drunk and demanding that she perform oral sex, of having sexual intercourse with her three times and of sexually assaulting and raping another female student, who was 14.

In split vote, school board accepts disgraced high school principal’s resignation

During an emotional and sometimes contentious meeting Tuesday night, the school board voted 4-3 to accept high school principal Charles Regan's resignation effective Sept. 27.

Riverhead principal accused by student of sexual abuse tenders resignation

Charles Regan, on home assignment since April 30 when the student's allegations were reported to school officials, will resign effective Sept. 27.

Riverhead school district and officials sued for alleged misconduct of high school principal

The attorney for the Riverhead High School student whose accusations of sexual abuse led to disciplinary action against high school principal Charles Regan has filed a federal lawsuit against the school district, Regan, current and past administrators and current and past trustees.

Former high school principal will have hearing on disciplinary charges

Former high school principal Charles Regan has requested a hearing after being served with disciplinary charges earlier this month.

Riverhead school district brings disciplinary charges against high school principal

Due to "confidentiality requirements," the district will not disclose the substance of the charges against the former principal accused of sending sexually explicit texts and partially nude photos of himself to a female student.

Riverhead school district has outside law firm investigating allegations against principal, superintendent says

The law firm is currently reviewing the circumstances pertaining to allegations against principal Charles Regan, as well as the hiring process that took place when he was hired by the district in 2006,

More accusations against former Riverhead principal

A 35-year-old woman has filed a notice of claim with Eastport-South Manor Central School District accusing Charles Regan of rape and sexual assault when she was a student at Eastport High School from 1999-2002.

School district lawyer: district moving forward to prepare disciplinary action against former high school principal

Former high school principal Dr. Charles Regan, has been administratively reassigned to his home since April 30, when the district learned of accusations by a female student in a sex scandal that has rocked the community.
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