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Christopher Gobler

Scientists looking into unusual plant growth covering surface of Peconic River

Researchers believe the plant may be the prolific water fern Azolla, known as "mosquito fern," which grows rapidly in nutrient-rich water, forming a thick mat on the surface. As it dies off and decomposes, it produces high amounts of nitrogen, depriving marine life of oxygen.

Peconic River is turning brown with dense ‘mahogany tide,’ algal bloom blamed in last year’s massive bunker fish kills

Mahogany tide, responsible for last year’s historic bunker fish kills, is back in the Peconic River this spring, already matching last year's record levels despite cool water temperatures, and turning local waterways a murky reddish-brown.

What to do with all the dead fish? Officials scramble for solutions in the wake of another fish kill

“It’s totally disgusting,” said Joanne Tyte, who lives on Howell Lane on the Peconic River. “The smell is so bad that we can’t even go outside."