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CMA Mine

‘It’s right on point:” N.Y. Court of Appeals ruling in Southampton sand mine case will help Riverhead battle Calverton mine expansion,...

by Feb 13, 2023
The state's highest court rejected the argument that mine owners have a constitutional right to mine their parcels to an indefinite depth.

Appeals court throws out Southampton sand mine permit, sets precedent for Riverhead

by May 28, 2021
Assemblyman Fred Thiele hailed the appellate court decision as “a home run for home rule.” Where the town code prohibits mining, "DEC cannot process the application, let alone issue the permit,” he said.

Riverhead hauls DEC into court over Calverton mine expansion

by Feb 5, 2021
Charging the State Department of Environmental Conservation with flagrant violations of the state law, Riverhead Town is asking a court to nullify the agency's decision against an in-depth environmental review for the expansion of a Calverton mine to a depth 89 feet below groundwater.

Riverhead joins forces with other East End towns in sand mine battle

by Dec 31, 2020
Riverhead Town has signed on to an amicus brief in an appeal being defended by Southampton Town in a sand-mining case that could have implications for towns across the region.

Riverhead hires law firm to challenge DEC on sand mine

by Nov 19, 2020
Riverhead Town is hiring a law firm to challenge the State Department of Environmental Conservation’s handling of the CMA Mine application to expand an existing mine at the corner of Youngs and Osborn avenues in Calverton.

State DEC poised to approve sand and gravel mining 89 feet into groundwater in Calverton

by Oct 27, 2020
Plans to dig a Calverton sand and gravel mine to a depth of 100 feet — 89 feet below the groundwater table — are advancing at the State Department of Environmental Conservation, to the dismay of Riverhead Town officials and community residents.