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Common Core

Riverhead scores near the bottom among school districts in Eastern Suffolk BOCES system on state assessment tests in grades 3-8

Among Riverhead CSD students in grades 3-8, 78% did not meet proficiency standards in English Language Arts and 77% did not meet proficiency standards in mathematics, according to data released by the State Education Department.

Education bill with Zeldin amendment to ‘allow states to opt out of Common Core’ passes Congress

An amendment to a federal education bill that will allow states to opt out of the Common Core standards has been approved by Congress, Rep. Lee Zeldin, who introduced the amendment, announced in a press release last night.
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Riverhead’s assessment test scores: disappointing, disheartening, frustrating

With "proficiency" scores on state tests of less than 20 percent in English Language Arts and less than 24 percent in math, Riverhead educators say they're disheartened and frustrated by the tests, which they say don't measure students' actual achievement and growth — and they're worried about the impact of low scores on their students' morale.

Hundreds of Riverhead students opt out of state assessment tests: What’s behind it and what impact will it have?

Riverhead parents who opted-out their children from state testing explain why they did it and an administrator explains what the large number of opt-outs will mean to teachers.
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