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Comprehensive plan update

Town Board likely to decide next week on hiring firm to finish comprehensive plan update

The Riverhead Town Board is expected to choose the firm that will finish the update to the comprehensive plan as soon as next week. The Town Board heard from its two finalists, H2M and BFJ, during a work session on Thursday

Riverhead has no more time to waste

After wasting three years and over $300,000 on its failed effort to update the comprehensive plan, and facing development pressure the town is ill-prepared to handle, the town must adopt a moratorium and get to work planning for our future.

Planning Riverhead’s future: Town Board, hoping to reboot comp plan update, calls two consulting firms for second meeting next week

The appointment of a new planning firm to take on Riverhead's long-stalled comprehensive plan project could come as soon as the next town board meeting, officials said, if board members reach a consensus after interviewing two "finalists" at next week's work session.

Residents support year-long extension of solar moratorium during public hearing

The Riverhead Town Board received support from residents last night on its plan to extend the moratorium on applications for developing new solar energy production facilities for another year.

State attorney general should take a close look at how Riverhead Town flouts state laws

Editorial: Some town officials, seemingly eager to do the bidding of developers, are making a mockery of state laws governing how planning and development get done. The AG should step in to stop it.

Riverhead planning department pitches code revision to allow warehouse developers to ‘buy’ extra building height

Riverhead planners have proposed an amendment to the town’s transfer of development rights code that would create a major new receiving area for development rights transferred from agricultural land in the town.

Three planning firms pitch services to Riverhead Town Board for comprehensive plan update

Riverhead Town Board members interviewed three planning firms Thursday as the town seeks to select a consulting firm to finish the comprehensive plan update begun by AKRF, the consultants whose contract the town terminated last month.

Riverhead terminates contract with planning firm

Riverhead Town formally pulled the plug on the planning consultants hired in 2019 to update the town’s comprehensive plan.

Community meetings on comp plan update will continue this week at Riverhead Town Hall

The third round of community meetings on the Riverhead Comprehensive Plan Update is underway and will continue this week at Riverhead Town Hall. Here's a recap of the first two meetings and a preview of what's to come.

Don’t try to gaslight the public

Riverhead planning officials could have said “We hear ya” and abandoned the controversial idea of a third lane along the length of Sound Avenue in favor of studying other alternatives. Instead the town's top planner simply denied the recommendation was made. That's gaslighting the public — and it's not going to fly.