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Calverton sand mine operator wants to expand mine downward — to 89 ft. below groundwater

CMA Mine, which has a permit to mine a 20-acre site on the southwest corner of Osborn and Youngs avenues, wants to expand the mine vertically, by digging to a depth of 100 feet — 89 feet below the groundwater table — and constructing an 8.5-acre lake.

State DEC: Require permanent drug collection boxes in all retail pharmacies, at drug manufacturers’ expense

Permanent prescription drug collection boxes will be required at all retail pharmacies in New York State, paid for by pharmaceutical manufacturers, under a proposal...

State DEC declares all of Suffolk County an ‘oak wilt protective zone’

In an effort to stop the spread of the deadly oak wilt fungus, the state has imposed restrictions on the shipment of firewood out of Suffolk and banned the shipment of oak trees and any portion of an oak tree.

Environmental regulators continue investigation into MTBE contamination in the Manorville Pine Barrens

Environmental regulators continue to investigate the MTBE contamination of drinking water wells in the Manorville pine barrens. They have not yet determined the source or extent of the contamination.

State environmental regulators propose guidance document for living shorelines

The State DEC has issued a draft of a new guidance document for the creation of living shorelines, aimed at improving coastal resiliency and better protect the coast.
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Volunteers needed to pull invasive water primrose from the Peconic tomorrow

Calling all volunteers to help remove invasive water primrose from the Peconic River.

Riverhead Town Board wrap: Riverhead (finally) finishes environmental review on EPCAL plan, OKs more $ for skate park

Riverhead Town has completed a five-and-a-half-year environmental review process on a new development plan for its remaining property at the former Grumman facility in Calverton. The...

Fishing Report Proposed state law could impose serious restrictions on local fishermen

A bill pending in the State Legislature could impose significant restrictions on fishing in Plum Gut, the Sluiceway and part of the Race.

Superstorm Sandy fishery disaster relief program grants available

Governor Cuomo announced up to $3.6 million in grants are available to businesses in New York’s fishing industry affected by the impacts of Superstorm...
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Federal grants aim to help fishing industry businesses hurt by Sandy

Local fishing industry businesses that took losses due to Super Storm Sandy will now have access to $3.6 million in grant funding being made...