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Our first responders are heroes — and Riverhead needs to work to keep them.

by Jan 29, 2023
This is a good time to reflect on the looming crisis we face as a community where affordable housing and jobs that pay a living wage are increasingly scarce.

Celebrating EMS Week in a ‘very different and stressful time’

by May 26, 2020
This year, National EMS Week arrived in the midst of a global viral pandemic, at a time when the peak of the outbreak had just passed in Suffolk, stretching health care systems to the breaking point, requiring EMS to adjust and sometimes overhaul their protocols.

State health commissioner rescinds cardiac arrest protocol issued last week

by Apr 24, 2020
After further review, the State Health Department determined the cardiac arrest protocol adopted April 17 is not necessary.

New rules for EMS in New York: Don’t bring cardiac patients to the ER for resuscitation

by Apr 18, 2020
New protocols now in effect in Nassau and NYC direct EMS not to bring unresponsive cardiac arrest patients to the ER if they cannot be resuscitated at the scene.

Local fire and rescue crews remain on standby overnight at their headquarters to respond during blizzard: photos

by Jan 23, 2016
A big LOCAL shout out to the dozens of volunteers on standby tonight at their headquarters, waiting to respond to emergency calls in treacherous blizzard conditions.