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Fishing regulations

New York reduces minimum size and harvest of black sea bass and scup this season

by May 3, 2023
The minimum size for black sea bass keepers is now 16.5 inches. From June 23 to Aug. 31, recreational anglers are allowed to possess no more than three black sea bass per day. Scup minimums are now 9.5 inches from shore and 10.5 inches from vessels.

Fishing Report Proposed state law could impose serious restrictions on local fishermen

by Jun 11, 2016
A bill pending in the State Legislature could impose significant restrictions on fishing in Plum Gut, the Sluiceway and part of the Race.

Overregulation threatens local fishing economies, Congressmen say

by Dec 8, 2015
The House Committee on Natural Resources held a hearing in Riverhead to discuss the federal policies that currently regulate the region’s fishing grounds, arguing that they are based on “a lack of science” – and that those policies are threatening local economies across the East Coast.