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Greg Blass

Dementia, another surging illness, is worsened by pandemic

For people with dementia, unquestionably the pandemic has been a grim ordeal. During extended lockdowns, the loss of social, even routine, contacts has hastened cognitive decline in great numbers of people.

A cashless economy will hurt the working poor

A desire for contactless commerce in the pandemic has accelerated the trend toward a cashless economy. The consequences for poor people may be dire.

A father’s advice for interacting with police

How might a parent advise a child about the inevitable day when they will have an encounter with the police? Greg Blass tackles the subject in a fictitious letter from father to son.

A daredevil first: Six men row across the Drake Passage to reach Antarctica — but why?

The spirit of adventure lies within each of us. Why do some people embrace it and go where it takes them?

Stressed? Distracted? Hit the pause button and take a nice, deep breath

Our in-breath is a remote control for our brains, with direct impact on the electrical signals that communicate with our memory and our emotions. That's why deep, nasal breathing settles the mind proves to be the ideal path to coping with anxiety and stress.

Why does Riverhead allow continued assault on its woodlands?

Woodlands have real value for all of us — for our individual good health as well as the environment. Yet our town does little to protect them.

Sunshine has health benefits that can’t be replaced with a pill

The negative health effects of zero-tolerance for unblocked exposure to sunlight can't be offset by dietary supplements.

Many reasons why town partnership in waste-to-energy plant is a bad idea

There are plenty of red flags about the proposal for the Town of Riverhead to partner in a waste-to-energy plant on Youngs Avenue. Column by Greg Blass.

‘Anti-vaxxers’ bring resurgence of preventable — and dangerous — diseases

A movement based on discredited science has put a generation of children at risk. Measles is a serious virus that can kill your child and you can prevent it with a simple, safe vaccination. Column by Greg Blass

Move, stretch, stand and squat throughout your day for better health

Too much sitting may not only negate the benefits of exercise, but also may have very serious detrimental effects on your health. Here's why moving throughout the day and squatting instead of sitting is good for you. New column by Greg Blass.