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Greg Blass

In Suffolk, hidden taxes help fund runaway government spending

Suffolk County government's already fat fees keep climbing — along with county debt — allowing politicians to fund runaway spending and make the (false) claim they're not raising taxes.

Our pets rule, influencing lifestyle and housing choices across generations

Pet ownership is on the rise, with millennials more likely to have pets than any other demographic — and making pet-centered lifestyle, renting and home-buying choices.

How shellfish farming expansion in Suffolk’s waters hit the rocks

If Suffolk County and the private sector can get their act together, however, the farming of shellfish in our bay waters could add big cash to our local economy and strengthen the ecosystem as well.

L.I. needs tough water consumption limits, a regional conservation plan and access to the Pine Barrens aquifer

Long Island urgently needs to get serious about water conservation, with tough regulations limiting consumption and a regional plan to tap into the water resources of the Pine Barrens. Column by Greg Blass

Ethics opinions may be ‘advisory’ but moral character is not optional

Anyone holding public office, or who seeks to, ought to reflect on Rushworth Kidder's simple explanation of ethics as the "science of the ideal human character as well as the science of moral duty."

Screens, social isolation and suicide

Screen-time so absorbs life that it leaves little time for anything else and is believed to lead to an increased sense of isolation and loneliness. Column by Greg Blass

Tree-huggers are onto something: How trees support life, reduce stress and increase property values

As much as the air we breathe, most of us take trees for granted. But the very air we breathe depends on trees. Some...

Exploring the magic and mystery of music

Let’s take a breather from all the stressful goings on here and about, and take the time to dwell on something special in life...

Personal attacks against critics of EPCAL deal are a shameful distraction

A recent attack letter, followed quickly by long, obviously coordinated, nasty comments aimed at myself and my wife, Barbara, including remarks on local radio, all from the tag team of Mason Haas and the Giglios, cannot go unanswered. Column by Greg Blass.

In this sleep-deprived nation, it’s time to let go of a now-pointless old practice

It's time to end the twice-a-year clock-changing rigamarole and make Daylight Saving Time permanent.
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