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Greg Blass

Protecting our schools today requires an innovative new approach

There are cogent lessons to be learned from school security in Israel.

Why you should keep your cat indoors

To allow cats outside lets their super-predator instincts run wild.

Sage advice from ‘Uncle Riverhead’: Let’s hit the pause button on EPCAL deal

An imaginary uncle drops in on the Riverhead Town Board to give board members advice on how not to blow the biggest decision they'll likely ever have to make. Column by Greg Blass

The end of the car as we know it?

Electric-powered vehicles have been around since the mid-19th century, but improved technology and increased demand may spell the demise of the combustion engine sooner than you think. Column by Greg Blass.

Manipulation, sensationalism and self-promotion: our police commish at work (while campaigning for district attorney)

Why did Police Commissioner Tim Sini hold a press conference announcing a big fentanyl bust three days after police lab tests showed the seized substance was not fentanyl? The DA's office had the bogus charges dismissed in court just few days later. New column by Greg Blass

Who will replace Suffolk DA Spota? Is the race for real — or just a show?

District Attorney Thomas Spota, who is not seeking re-election after 16 years as Suffolk's top prosecutor, faced no opposition in his last three elections, thanks to cross-endorsement deals by party bosses. The county police commissioner is his anointed successor, even without official GOP cross-endorsement. Opinion column by Greg Blass.

The next big thing: How technology will transform supermarkets (again)

As more people shop for groceries and household staples online, brick-and-mortar supermarkets are likely to become a lot less "super," downsizing to specialty markets.

Greg Blass With U.S. research and regulation nearly nonexistent, we must look abroad for information on dangers of cell phone use

Dangers from radio frequency waves are real, especially for children and teens.

Greg Blass How the Suffolk DA came to be the highest-paid elected official in the county — and what you can...

The County Legislature long ago gave up control over the district attorney's pay, which is set by the same state commission that sets the salaries of state judges and state legislators.

Greg Blass Unhappy at work? You’re not alone

A recently released study of 3,000 US workers shows that a majority of Americans are unhappy in the workplace.
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