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Harlem Wizards

Great fun on the basketball court, for a good cause: The Harlem Wizards return

by Nov 12, 2023
The return of the Harlem Wizards for a madcap basketball game Thursday night against Riverhead teachers raised about $15,000 for the teachers union's scholarship fund. Photo slideshow.

RCFA All Stars ‘ready to rumble’ — faculty & staff will face Harlem Wizards Thursday evening on Riverhead High School basketball...

by Nov 7, 2023
Do Riverhead faculty and staff have what it takes to beat the Harlem Wizards on the basketball court? Find out Thursday evening at Riverhead High School.

Harlem Wizards dazzle kids with basketball tricks & tips at school assemblies ahead of Nov. 9 game

by Oct 19, 2023
Harlem Wizards player Tishean 'Fresh Prince' Emmanuel visited Riverhead schools on Wednesday in advance of the Wizards game coming up Nov. 9. Photos.

Harlem Wizards will return to Riverhead this year

by Sep 27, 2023
After a three-year hiatus, the Harlem Wizards are returning to Riverhead this fall with a performance at Riverhead High School set for Nov. 9.

Wizards basketball thrills Riverhead crowd

by Nov 8, 2019
Their crowd-pleasing fancy footwork, basketball tricks and comedy on the court thrilled kids of all ages. Photo gallery.

Harlem Wizards return to Riverhead

by Oct 9, 2019
The razzle-dazzle basketball team, which has delighted sold-out audiences at Riverhead High School every fall since 2013 will take on the Riverhead Central Faculty Association team on Thursday, Nov. 7 at 7 p.m.

Harlem Wizards come to Riverhead for a slam-dunk good time on the court

by Nov 9, 2018
The Wizards are known for razzle-dazzle, hoops hijinks and comedy on the court  — and last night, they did not disappoint. 

Riverhead readies for Wizards’ return

by Oct 4, 2018
The Harlem Wizards will be back in Riverhead Nov. 8, challenging high school faculty and staff in a night of basketball showmanship, comedy and entertainment for the entire family. Players entertained kids throughout the district yesterday at assemblies where they spoke to kids about bullying.

Wizards vs. RCFA All-Stars in madcap, slam-dunk fundraising success

by Nov 10, 2017
The charity event featured the Wizards taking on the RCFA All-Stars in a good-time, trick-filled, basketball game to raise money for the RCFA scholarship fund.

Photos: Harlem Wizard dazzles students at Roanoke Ave. ahead of annual Riverhead faculty game

by Oct 27, 2017
DP gave the students at Roanoake a preview of the upcoming Harlem Wizards game against Riverhead school staff.