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‘Let’s talk about our kids and this virus:’ PBMC hosts Facebook Live discussion with doctors

Can they go out to play? Can they visit Grandma? What about school? Peconic Bay Medical Center is hosting...

After first confirmed coronavirus case in New York, local officials ready for possible outbreak

Local hospitals, schools and government officials are preparing for the possibility of a coronavirus outbreak in New York after the first case in the state was confirmed in Manhattan yesterday.

A meat-eater’s quandary

Given what we now know about animal sentience, is consuming meat immoral?

State health department issues new vaping warning, reports findings about additive to cannabis-containing products

State health department investigators believe the cases of vaping-related lung disease being reported across New York are tied to an additive in cannabis vape products, the agency announced yesterday.

Federal government issues health advisory after multi-state outbreak of vaping-related respiratory illness

The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued a health advisory after a multi-state outbreak of severe lung disease associated with vaping.

Defend yourself against dangerous germs — especially if you visit the doctor or hospital

With the rise of drug-resistant bacteria — and now drug resistant yeast — and the resurgence of preventable diseases as more people go without vaccines, protection and prevention practices are more important now than ever. Column by Greg Blass

Stressed? Distracted? Hit the pause button and take a nice, deep breath

Our in-breath is a remote control for our brains, with direct impact on the electrical signals that communicate with our memory and our emotions. That's why deep, nasal breathing settles the mind proves to be the ideal path to coping with anxiety and stress.

Sunshine has health benefits that can’t be replaced with a pill

The negative health effects of zero-tolerance for unblocked exposure to sunlight can't be offset by dietary supplements.

Move, stretch, stand and squat throughout your day for better health

Too much sitting may not only negate the benefits of exercise, but also may have very serious detrimental effects on your health. Here's why moving throughout the day and squatting instead of sitting is good for you. New column by Greg Blass.

Hudson River Health van provides care in Riverhead and on North Fork

A new health center on wheels will increase health care access for communities across Riverhead and the North Fork and provide primary and preventive care for those who need it most.
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