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Leaf pickup

Loose leaf pickup program to continue in Riverhead indefinitely, after state comptroller’s opinion resolves conflict over funding

Loose leaf pickup will continue in Riverhead Town indefinitely under an agreement authorized by the Town Board at its meeting Tuesday.

Snow complicates much-delayed loose-leaf pickup in Riverhead

Friday’s snowstorm, while not a major snow event, was enough to complicate things mightily for the Riverhead Highway Department and its newly installed superintendent.

Riverhead’s loose leaf pickup delayed to January

Riverhead Town will conduct loose leaf pickup in January, after a new highway superintendent takes the helm, according to a notice posted on the town website this afternoon.

Special town board meeting called to ‘direct and require’ highway chief to pick up loose leaves

The Riverhead Town Board will “direct and require” Highway Superintendent George Woodson to perform loose leaf pickup this year in a resolution to be acted on during a special town board meeting tomorrow at 10 a.m., according to a meeting notice posted on the town's website today.

The autumn leaves will fall — and the perennial argument over leaf pickup will continue

A standoff remains between the town highway superintendent and the town board over loose leaf pickup in Riverhead.

Is Riverhead’s loose leaves pickup service gone for good?

In this letter, Wading River resident Steven Marcus asks about the fate of Riverhead's loose leaves pickup service.

Town board and highway superintendent spar over loose leaf pickup

Leaves may be falling but the fate of loose leaf pickup in Riverhead is still up in the air. Highway Superintendent George Woodson has been seeking to end the highway department's loose leaf pickup in Riverhead for more than a decade.

Future of town’s loose-leaf pickup service in doubt

Riverhead’s loose-leaf pickup service may soon be a thing of the past, forcing homeowners to find alternatives to the free service historically provided by the town highway department.
2012 1119 bagged leaves

Leaf pick-up in Riverhead extended to April 10

Riverhead Town extends leaf pick-up now through April 10.