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Luminati Aerospace

Triple Five-affiliate sues Luminati-owned company over parcel at EPCAL

by Jun 16, 2023
A Triple Five-affiliate company is suing a Luminati Aerospace-owned company over the right to a 16-acre parcel of land along the 10,000-foot runway in Calverton where Luminati Aerospace once operated.

Daniel Preston, an owner of company with stake in Calverton land deal with town, dies at 52

by Jan 15, 2023
Luminati Aerospace owner Daniel Preston, 52, died at his home in Little Falls, New York on Thursday, Jan. 12. Luminati is part owner of a join venture with Triple Five called Calverton Aviation & Technology, which is in a $40 million land deal with the Town of Riverhead.

Triple Five agrees to provide more financial documents in EPCAL land deal

by Apr 28, 2020
Calverton Aviation & Technology, the company in contract with the Town of Riverhead to purchase most of its remaining vacant land at the former Grumman site in Calverton, will submit updated financial documents to the town to demonstrate its ability to close the deal and develop the property.

Riverhead cancels Luminati runway use agreement, licenses EPCAL taxiway to rocket engine start-up Launcher

by Oct 8, 2019
Riverhead Town has canceled the runway use agreement it signed with Luminati Aerospace and has authorized a license agreement with tech start-up Launcher Inc. for use of part of the runway taxiway.

Buyer in Calverton land deal sketches out vision of ‘Silicon Valley of the east’

by Aug 1, 2019
"We are looking to transform the economy of the East End and one day this region could be recognized as the Silicon Valley of the east. It's a big goal, but it starts with a first step." Chris Kent, attorney for Calverton Aviation and Technology, laid out the company's vision for the Calverton Enterprise Park in general terms at Thursday's town board work session.

Luminati ‘spin-off’ takes flight — in Islip: former employees launch gyroplane company

by Jul 12, 2019
Luminati's former chief pilot and media manager have partnered in a gyroplane startup based at MacArthur Airport.

Riverhead’s stewardship of the EPCAL site spins further out of control

by Jun 30, 2019
One thing is clear: the public wasn't supposed to see the detailed maps, plans and drawings submitted to the DEC by Triple Five. What do they really tell us?

Town hires new special counsel for advice in EPCAL sale

by Jun 5, 2019
Riverhead officials moved ahead on the much-debated appointment of a new outside counsel to advise the town on its rights under the EPCAL contract of sale.

Hubbard says he’s ready (again) to hire law firm for EPCAL contract review

by Jun 3, 2019
The on-again, off-again resolution hiring a new outside counsel to advise the town on the EPCAL land deal is on again.

EPCAL, Luminati, Triple Five: so many questions we shouldn’t be asking

by Jun 2, 2019
It's been more than two months since the town learned of Luminati Aerospace's mounting legal and financial troubles — and CEO Daniel Preston's intention to move his operation off Long Island. Where does that leave the town? We still don't know.