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Luminati Aerospace

Court: Triple Five executive ‘intentionally defrauded’ buyer in N.J. real estate deal

Triple Five's director of business development Stuart Bienenstock provided a forged mortgage satisfaction document at a real estate closing, according to a N.J. court, which entered a $1.3 million judgment lodged against him in 2016. The trial court's decision was upheld last month by a New Jersey appellate court panel.

EPCAL buyer extends contract ‘due diligence’ period for 90 days

The buyer's obligation to close on the $40 million deal isn't firm until its 'due diligence' opportunity is ended.

Triple Five will provide some additional financial information, supervisor says

The town board has not had a chance to sit down and review the response together because it arrived late in the day on Friday, Supervisor Laura Jens-Smith. “We need to determine if what they say they’ll provide will be satisfactory.”

Town board mulls extending deadline on Triple Five financial disclosure decision

The town had set a deadline of 4 p.m. Wednesday for a response to its demand for financial statements from Triple Five. The town board is now considering a request to extend the deadline by a week.

Should buyer in $40 million Calverton land deal be required to submit financials? Board members disagree

A fundamental split dividing the Riverhead Town Board along party lines broke wide open in full public view this morning: How much financial disclosure should be required of the company that wants to buy and develop the Calverton Enterprise Park?

Riverhead Town owes its citizens a hard look at the Ghermezian family

Triple Five's seat at the table is based on sleight of hand and their behavior raises real questions about their integrity. Opinion column by John McAuliff

A public official’s ‘poor choice’ has real consequences for all of us

Column: Councilwoman Jodi Giglio's 'poor choice' to conduct a private meeting with developers in a proposed massive land deal can't be undone and warrants her recusal from further deliberations and vote.

Giglio defends private meeting with Triple Five reps without town board’s knowledge

After coming under fire for meeting privately in New York City with representatives of the company seeking to buy the rest of the town’s vacant land at the Calverton Enterprise Park, Councilwoman Jodi Giglio gave an account of the meeting to the rest of the town board during Thursday’s work session.

Town issues violation notice to rocket engine company at Luminati site

Launcher founder says the company will submit permit and site plan applications within 30 days as directed by the town, but disagrees that its facilities at the Luminati site require the town approvals.

Tech and aviation companies, from Maglev to space rocket developers, say they want to work at EPCAL during hearing

Several technology and aviation companies expressed interest in working at EPCAL with Triple Five at the hearing, including a Maglev technology developer and a start-up designing rockets to launch miniaturized satellites into space.