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Luminati Aerospace

EPCAL contract of sale finalized

Calverton Aviation and Technology has given Riverhead Town notice of its intention to proceed to closing.

Town board can’t agree on law firm for EPCAL contract review

A move by Riverhead Supervisor Laura Jens-Smith to hire a Garden City law firm to advise the town on its position in the Calverton land deal was shot down by the town board’s Republican majority today.

Triple Five says it will pay Luminati’s arrears owed Riverhead Town for taxes, runway use and alarm fees

Triple Five says its affiliate, Calverton Aviation and Technology is committed to fulfilling its obligations under the contract with Riverhead Town.

Luminati Aerospace CEO says he’s moving his company upstate

Luminati Aerospace CEO says he'll be “a landowner and investor" at EPCAL, but he's moving his company operations to the City of Little Falls in Herkimer County. What does this mean for EPCAL land deal?

Luminati’s legal troubles continue to mount

A German company that sold a $147,000 embroidery machine to Luminati Aerospace has filed a federal lawsuit claiming that the Calverton company failed to make nearly $100,000 in payments owed and seeking a money judgment and recovery of the machinery.

Is EPCAL land deal still viable? Riverhead to seek new legal counsel to review contract

Riverhead will retain new outside legal counsel to advise the town about its options in the Calverton land deal in light of the legal troubles of Luminati Aerospace, a principal in the deal and the centerpiece of the purchaser’s development plan for the site.

Town board to vote on hiring new law firm on Luminati matters

The board will vote today to hire an outside law firm to collect outstanding false alarm fees owed to the town by Luminati Aerospace and enforce the town's runway use agreement with Luminati.

What comes next for EPCAL land deal? Town must get these questions answered

There are a number of troubling questions that the town board should get answered as quickly as possible about the pending sale to Calverton Aviation and Technology.

Runway rent, false alarm fees, taxes: Luminati Aerospace owes Riverhead Town more than $60,000, records show

Luminati Aerospace owes the Town of Riverhead tens of thousands of dollars in past-due runway rent, false alarm fees and real property taxes, according to Riverhead Town records.

Luminati Aerospace facing eviction by EPCAL landlord and lawsuit by investor over alleged default on $10 million loan

Luminati Aerospace, an owner of the company in contract to buy 1,643 acres of vacant land at the Calverton Enterprise Park, is facing eviction from the manufacturing building it leased at the enterprise park and is being sued by a principal investor for alleged default on a $10 million promissory note and mortgage in its real property and equipment at the industrial park.