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Luminati CEO declares former Grumman Plant Six ‘operational’ at public ceremony

The Calverton aerospace start-up announced commencement of operations at a public event Friday, in the absence of its previously heralded 'dream team' or the 'Team Stratos' it promised to introduce.

Walter’s ‘hush-hush’ approach on Luminati deal should be raising red flags

There are too many unanswered questions about the big land deal at the Calverton Enterprise Park.
2014 0804 epcal sign

Is EPCAL land deal stalled? Tensions flare as rival questions supervisor about status of Luminati deal

The 30-day deadline for coming to terms with Luminati Aerospace for the sale of land at the Calverton Enterprise Park has come and gone, but there is still no agreement “in principle” as contemplated by a letter of intent signed by the parties in April.
2012 1114 epcal runway

Website launched attacking Riverhead’s EPCAL plans

A local civic group leader has produced a website that takes aim at Riverhead Town’s efforts to sell the Calverton Enterprise Park and the resulting plans to sell the site to Luminati Aerospace.
2013 0612 epcal sign

Letter: Need Luminati public hearing now

Opinion: The town should hold a public hearing on the EPCAL deal before it moves further along.

Luminati announces June 17 air show in Calverton

Supervisor Sean Walter said today he does not believe there will be any support on the town board for an air show in June while the town is actively negotiating a sale of the site to Luminati.

The clock starts ticking: Riverhead signs letter of intent with Luminati

Riverhead Supervisor Sean Walter said today he has signed the letter of intent with Luminati Aerospace for the sale of nearly all of the town’s remaining acreage at the Calverton Enterprise Park for $40 million.

Mega-drones that beam internet down to earth will be built in Riverhead; company meets with town officials

The drones Luminati will manufacture will have the ability to essentially “beam” wireless internet down onto earth from the stratosphere using infrared lasers.