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NYC drops lawsuits against Riverhead, Suffolk and other counties brought over emergency orders blocking relocation of migrants

by Sep 14, 2023
New York City has discontinued the actions it filed against the Town of Riverhead and the County of Suffolk and most of the other counties it sued in June, seeking to invalidate their emergency orders banning the relocation of migrants and asylum-seekers to their jurisdictions.

Other supervisors dispute Aguiar’s claim that Suffolk County Supervisors Association supports her emergency order on asylum-seekers

by May 18, 2023
Riverhead Supervisor Yvette Aguiar claims the Suffolk County Supervisors Association supports her emergency order. The chairperson of the organization says that's not true. Both he and at least one other supervisor say she did not have the legal authority to issue the order, which seeks to prevent asylum-seekers from being placed in lodging within Riverhead Town.

Hotel/motel operators in Riverhead deny contact with NYC about housing homeless migrants, as Aguiar’s state of emergency draws praise, scorn

by May 17, 2023
Hotel and motel operators in Riverhead Town said today they are not taking in homeless migrants from New York City and have not been solicited by anyone to do that, contrary to Supervisor Yvette Aguiar’s statements, including those in her executive order issued last night declaring a state of emergency due to the “immediate danger of public emergency of hundreds, or potentially, thousands of persons being transported to the Town of Riverhead.”