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Town Board remains divided as it considers two routes to industrial moratorium in Calverton

by Nov 21, 2022
The town board is split on whether any moratorium on industrial development should allow exemptions for projects already under review.

Planning Board recommends broad moratorium on all development applications in Calverton’s industrial districts outside the enterprise park

by Nov 4, 2022
The Planning Board has recommended a broad moratorium on new industrial development in Calverton outside the enterprise park. Supervisor Yvette Aguiar made an unusual appearance, addressing the board before the vote to say she was working on the issue before the planning board decided to recommend the moratorium on Oct. 20..

Hubbard advocates 18-month moratorium on warehouse development in Calverton, but Town Board majority is on the fence

by Oct 28, 2022
“The industrial area in Calverton seems to be a hot spot for people wanting to come and build warehouses. And it's almost like the floodgates opened up and we got inundated…" Town staff backed him up, but his fellow Town Board members were not so sure.

Death by a million trucks

by Oct 21, 2022
Guest column: The tens of thousands of trucks that will move to and from the multiple logistics and distribution centers planned in Riverhead, will make our already unsafe air quality much worse.

Residents support year-long extension of solar moratorium during public hearing

by Sep 21, 2022
The Riverhead Town Board received support from residents last night on its plan to extend the moratorium on applications for developing new solar energy production facilities for another year.

What’s the point of updating the comp plan if runaway massive development can continue while the plan is being written?

by Aug 26, 2022
The town must hit the pause button on all development while it finishes the comprehensive plan update begun in January 2020. The delay in its completion has allowed too many massive developments to move forward under outdated land use rules.